Nazis, Torsion Fields & Remote Viewing(纳粹,挠场和遥视)


During the last stages of World War II nazi scientists, directed by the SS, were looking for radical new sciences with which to defeat the allied powers. In the process the Germans first discovered Torsion fields, a new branch of field phenomena generated by spinning objects. The SS scientists found that spinning an impellor, which compresses air into an inwardly spiralling vortex, produces lift when spun above 20,000 RPM. In turn this appeared to ionise the air and was self sustaining. They also experimented with torsion fields to manipulate space/time.

在第二次世界大战的最后阶段,由SS执导的纳粹科学家正在寻找激进的新科学,以击败盟军的力量。在这个过程中,德国人首先发现挠场,由旋转物体产生的现场现象的新分支。 SS科学家发现,旋转一个叶轮,将空气压缩成向内旋转的涡流,当旋转超过20,000RPM时产生升力。反过来,这似乎使空气电离,并且是自我维持的。他们还尝试了挠场来操纵空间/时间。

This new science may have remained unexplored with Germany,s defeat but in 1995 the Tomsk Polytechnic in Siberia began studies in the field of spin torsion interaction. It must also be remembered that while the Nazis were conducting scientific research they did so with a thorough understanding of metaphysics.


When you spin an impellor above 20,000 RPM it produces a spinning electro-magnetic field from the ionisation of the air particles by centripetal motion; the Russians have done experiments with electro dynamic generators and the nazis experimented with spinning radioactive metallic fluids. The spinning electromagnetic field is, as it were, a warping of 5 dimensional space; so the torsion field itself can be thought of as a warping of 5th dimensional space.

当您旋转高于20,000 RPM的叶轮时,会通过向心运动从空气颗粒的电离产生旋转的电磁场;俄罗斯人已经用电动态发生器进行了实验,纳粹实验了放射性金属液体的旋转。旋转电磁场就是五维空间的翘曲;所以挠场本身可以被认为是第五维空间的翘曲。

Hal Puthof the NSA scientist who ran the Stanford Research Institute,s Remote Viewing program has been promoting the idea of zero point energy, the energy of the quantum vacuum which, if it can be tapped into, would provide limitless power. John Hutchinson, an eccentric Canadian inventor, has been using bizarre electronic equipment that has produced has produced levitation, telekinetic force, transmutations of metals and pyrotechnic phenomena.

斯坦福研究所的遥视项目的负责人美国国家安全局科学家哈尔·普霍夫(Hal Puthof)一直在推动零点能量的观念,量子真空的能量(如果能够被攻破)将提供无限的能量。加拿大发明家约翰·哈奇森(John Hutchinson)一直在使用奇异的电子设备,生产出了悬浮,电动力,金属变质和烟火现象。

This author concludes that torsion fields disturb the 5th dimensional plenum that provides energy for 4th dimensional manifestation; when rotated above 20,000 RPM this breaks the ground state energy for manifestation and causes:

作者得出结论,挠场扰乱了为第四维表现提供能量的第五维增压室;当旋转高于20,000 RPM时,这会破坏基态的能量,从而导致:

Changes in the 4th dimensional space time continuum. This in turn can affect gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear force. May produce energy for use in the everyday world. Can affect the manifestation of 4th dimensional space.


In quantum mechanics the observer collapses the quantum wave function simply by observing the event; torsion field generators can raise this process from the microscopic to the macroscopic realm. If we think of a human beings physical body as being a 4th dimensional energy system, a trained Remote Viewer has developed a 5th dimensional energy body which, with the right protocols, can then interact with spin torsion fields; in effect acting on the 5th dimensional plenum to change 4th dimensional manifestations.


By this method every single semi-conductor in the arsenal of US weapons systems can be rendered completely useless by changing the quantum mechanical parameters of the electronics. This means that a single Russian Remote Influencer could render the entire US war machine to so much expensive scrap metal. US Remote Influencers are now routinely implanted and are thus disturbed or even driven mad in the presence of torsion fields; which means that the Russians will have few effective adversaries in this new form of warfare.





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