Theoretical Basics of Experimental Phenomena.(实验现象的理论基础)

by Yu.V.Nachalov

Over the course of latter decades, tens of unexplainable microscopic and macroscopic effects in natural sciences and especially in physics and biology have been revealed and investigated. It should be emphasized that a large part of these phenomena were demonstrated by objects having spin or angular momentum.


In the 1940s, the soviet astrophysicist N.A.Kozyrev proposed that the rotation of stars was connected with their energy output. According to the theory developed by N.A.Kozyrev, time and rotation are closely interconnected. In order to verify his theory, N.A.Kozyrev conducted a series of experiments with spinning gyroscopes. The goal of these experiments was to make a measurement of the forces arising while the gyroscope was spinning. N.A.Kozyrev detected that the weight of the spinning gyroscope changes slightly depending on the angular velocity and the direction of rotation. The effect he discovered was not large, but the nature of the arising forces could not be explained by existing theories. N.A.Kozyrev explained the observed effect as being the manifestation of some "physical properties of time" [2,3].

20世纪40年代,苏联天体物理学家N.A.Kozyrev提出恒星的旋转与它们的能量输出有关。根据N.A.Kozyrev(科奇列夫)、时间和旋转是密切相关的。为了验证他的理论科济列夫用旋转陀螺仪进行了一系列实验。这些实验的目的是测量陀螺仪旋转时产生的力。N.A.Kozyrev检测到旋转陀螺仪的重量根据角速度和旋转方向略有变化。他发现的影响并不大,但现有理论无法解释这种作用力的性质。N.A.Kozyrev解释说,观察到的效果是一些"时间的物理性质" [2,3]的表现。

In the 1970s, in order to verify N.A.Kozyrev's theory, a major research of gyroscopes and gyroscopic systems was conducted by a member of Belarus Academy of Sciences, professor A.I.Veinik. The effect discovered earlier by N.A.Kozyrev was completely confirmed.



Reported observations of gyroscope weight variations have been made repeatedly by various researchers in many countries (e.g.[5-7]). Almost in all cases the observed effects were interpreted as the manifestation of antigravitation. In 1989, H.Hayasaka and S.Takeuchi conducted a series of experiments in which the fall-time of a freely-falling spinning gyroscope was measured. They found that the fall-time varied depending on the angular velocity and the direction of rotation. H.Hayasaka and S.Takeuchi have attempted to explain the effect of antigravitation as the manifestation of torsion fields generated by the spinning gyroscope [6].

许多国家(例如[ 5 – 7]国)的研究人员多次报告了陀螺仪重量变化的观测结果。几乎在所有情况下,观察到的效果都被解释为反重力的表现。1989年哈亚斯卡和斯竹内进行了一系列实验,测量了自由落体陀螺的落体时间.他们发现下落时间随角速度和旋转方向而变化。海地哈亚斯卡和斯竹内曾试图解释反引力的作用是作为自旋陀螺仪产生的挠场的表现。

It should be noted that reports stating that the weight of a spinning gyroscope does not change are also known. Analysis of these reports shows that experimenters have simply not fulfilled the conditions required to achieve the expected effect. N.A.Kozyrev, A.I.Veinik and other researchers who obsered the change of weight emphasized repeatedly that the rotation must be non-stationary. For instance, N.A.Kozyrev and A.I.Veinik used special vibrations, and H.Hayasaka experimented with moving (falling) gyroscopes.


From the mid-50s to the late 70s, professor N.A.Kozyrev (with V.V.Nasonov) conducted astronomical observations using a receiving system of a new type. When the telescope was directed at a certain star, the detector (designed by N.A.Kozyrev and V.V.Nasonov) positioned within the telescope registered the incoming signal even if the main mirror of the telescope was shielded by metal screens. This fact indicated that electromagnetic waves (light) had some component that could not be shielded by metal screens. When the telescope was directed not at the visible but at the true position of a star, the detector then registered an incoming signal that was much stronger. The registration of the true positions of different stars could be interpreted only as registration of star radiation that had velocities billions of times greater than the speed of light. N.A.Kozyrev also found that the detector registered an incoming signal when the telescope was directed at a position symmetrical to the visible position of a star relative to it's true position. This fact was interpreted as a detection of the future positions of stars [8].


In spite of the seeming diversity, all of the experiments considered above have a certain resemblance: all of the mentioned effects are demonstrated by objects with spin or angular momentum. A.I.Veinik made tens of types of generators based on rotating masses. These generators could change their weight (Very slightly. If a mass ~1 kg is rotating with the angular velocity ~ 20.000 rpm then the "inner force" ~30*10 -5 N.), and their "chronal" fields could affect practically all physical and biological objects and could not be shielded by "usual" screens [4]. It is also useful to note V.M.Yurovitsky's patented generators which are based on spinning magnets. V.M.Yurovitsky was the first who pointed out that many phenomena could be explained as a result of manifestation of long-range fields generated by spin or angular momentum density. Later generators based on mechanically rotating magnets were developed by V.V.Bobyr and many others. As a result of a series of experiments conducted in the Institute of Material Research ("Institut problem materialovedeniya" in russian) (Kiev, Ukraine) it was established that the emanation produced by this sort of generator is able to change the inner structure of any substance (it's spin structure).

尽管表面上看起来存在差异,但上面考虑的所有实验都有一定的相似性:所有提到的效应都是由具有自旋或角动量的物体来证明的。A.I.Veinik制造了数十种基于旋转质量的挠场发生器。这些发生器可以改变它们的重量(非常轻微)。如果质量为1kg的物体以20.000 rpm的角速度旋转,那么“内力”30 * 10 – 5n . ),以及它们的“chronal”场实际上可以影响所有物理和生物物体,并且不能被“常规”遮挡物屏蔽[4]。注五也很有用尤洛维茨基的专利发电机是基于旋转磁铁。五.建议尤洛维茨基首先指出,许多现象可以解释为自旋或角动量密度产生的长程场的表现。后来,v波比尔和其他许多人。在材料研究所(乌克兰基辅)进行的一系列实验表明,这种发生器产生的辐射能够改变任何物质的内部结构(它的自旋结构)。


It was also established that an identical change of the structure of various substances can be achieved by "sensitives" ("psychics,") and could not be achieved by the use of other known technologies. The emanations of the developed generators was interpreted as torsion radiation [19].
In other series of experiments conducted in the Institute of Material Research, the influence of the torsion radiation on various photographs was investigated. It was established that by the use of this method it is possible to transmit information from one point of space to another [20]. (Probably the first researchers to apply this method were Albert Abrams, Curtis Upton, William Knuth, and George De La Warr.) The experimental research conducted in the Institute of Material research and at other scientific organizations was managed by the Center of non-conventional technologies under the USSR Science and Technics State Committee. These investigations were based on the so called "Theory of physical vacuum" developed by russian physicist G.I.Shipov.

还可以确定的是,各种物质的结构的相同变化可以通过“灵敏度”(“超心理学”)实现,而不能通过使用其他已知技术实现。研制的发生器的辐射被解释为挠场辐射[ 19 ]。
在材料研究所进行的其他系列实验中,研究了挠场辐射对各种照片的影响。确定的是,通过使用这种方法,可以将信息从一个空间点传送到另一个[ 20 ]。(最早应用这种方法的研究人员可能是亚伯兰、厄普顿、克努特和瓦拉。在材料研究所和其他科学组织进行的实验研究由苏联科学技术国家委员会下设的非常规技术中心管理。这些研究基于俄罗斯物理学家希波夫提出的所谓“物理真空理论”


From Shipov's vacuum equations, every known fundamental physical equation (Einstein's, Young-Mills', Heisenberg's, etc.) can be deduced in completely geometrised form. G.I.Shipov showed that besides the two known long-range physical fields – electromagnetic and gravitational – there exists third long-range field possessing significantly richer properties: the torsion field. The torsion field is an extremely unusual entity. First of all, the upper limit for the speed of torsion waves is estimated to be not less than 10E9 c, where c is the speed of light. Secondly, torsion fields are able to propagate in a region of space which is not limited by the light cone. That means that torsion fielda are able to propagate not only in the future but in the past as well. Thirdly, torsion fields transmit information without transmitting energy. Fourth – torsion fields are not required to follow the superposition principle [21].

从希普夫的真空方程,每一个已知的基本物理方程(爱因斯坦的,扬米尔斯的,海森堡的等)。)可以完全几何化的形式推导。G.I.Shipov表明,除了已知的两个长程物理场——电磁场和引力场之外,还有第三个长程场,它具有明显更丰富的性质:挠场。挠场是一个非常不寻常的东西。首先,挠场波速度的上限被估计为不小于10e9 C,其中c是光速。其次,挠场能够在不受光锥限制的空间区域中传播。这意味着挠场不仅能够在将来传播,而且能够在过去传播。第三,挠场在不传输能量的情况下传输信息。第四,挠场不需要遵循叠加原理[ 21 ]。

Torsion fields are generated by spin (considering classical spin [22,23]) or by angular momentum. There exist both right and left torsion fields (depending on the spin orientation). Since all substances (except amorphous materials) have their own stereochemistry which determines not only the location of atoms in molecules but also determines their mutual spin orientation, then the superposition of torsion fields generated by the atomic and nuclear spins of each molecule determines the intensity of torsion field in the space surrounding each molecule. The superposition of all these torsion fields determines the intensity and spatial configuration of the characteristic torsion field of that substance. Thus each substance possesses its own characteristic torsion field.

挠场由自旋(考虑经典自旋[ 22,23 )或角动量产生。存在右旋挠场和左旋挠场(取决于旋转方向)。由于所有物质(非晶材料除外)都有它们自己的立体化学,这不仅决定了原子在分子中的位置,而且还决定了它们的相互自旋取向,因此由每个分子的原子自旋和核自旋产生的挠场的叠加决定了围绕每个分子的空间中挠场的强度。所有这些挠场的叠加决定了该物质的特征挠场的强度和空间构型。因此,每种物质都有其特有的挠场。

The structure of the torsion field of every object can be changed by the influence of an external torsion field. As a result of such an influence, the new configuration of the torsion field will be fixed as a metastable state (as a polarized state) and will remain intact even after the source of the external torsion field is moved to another area of space. Thus torsion fields of certain spatial configuration can be "recorded" on any physical or biological object.


Since every permanent magnet possess not only oriented magnetic moments but also classical spins orientation as well, then every permanent magnet possess it's own torsion field. (This fact was first experimentally discovered by A.I.Veinik.) Understanding this important property of magnetic fields allows us to understand a variety of phenomena, for instance the phenomenon known as "magnetization of water".


The following fundamentally important fact should be emphasized. In the framework of the theory of electro-torsion interactions, it is shown that if electrostatic or electromagnetic fields exist in some region of space, then there always exists torsion fields in that region of space. Electrostatic or electromagnetic fields without a torsion component do not exist. On the strict level this is shown by G.I.Shipov [24]. Strong torsion fields are generated by high electrical potentials and by devices with organized circular or spiral electromagnetic processes. (Probably the first researcher to investigate torsion fields by this type of generators was Nikola Tesla. In Russia, similar results were obtained by S.V.Avramenko and others.)

应强调以下基本重要事实。在电-挠相互作用理论框架内,证明了如果空间某一区域存在静电场或电磁场,则该区域总是存在挠场。不存在没有扭转分量的静电场或电磁场。G.I.希普夫在严格的水平上证实了这一点[ 24 ]。强挠场由高电势和具有有组织的圆形或螺旋形电磁过程的装置产生。(第一个研究这种挠场发生器的可能是尼古拉特斯拉。在俄罗斯,S.V.Avramenko和其他人都获得了一些结果。)

Torsion fields can be generated as the result of the distortion of geometry of the physical vacuum. Every object with a certain surface geometry will simultaneously generate left and right torsion fields of a certain configuration depending on the geometry of the object. This fact can be detected by various types of physical, chemical and biological indicators. This type of manifestation of the torsion field was repeatedly observed by numerous researchers: A.I.Veinik, Yu.V.Tszyan Kanchzhen, A.A.Beridze-Stakhovsky, V.S.Grebennikov, I.M.Shakhparonov and many others in Russia and various researchers in other countries [25-31]. Later an experimental investigation of the torsion fields generated by objects with different geometry of surface was conducted by the group of A.E.Akimov at the Physics Institute of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences and at Chernovitsky University [32].

挠场可以作为物理真空的几何形状变形的结果而产生。根据对象的几何形状,具有特定表面几何形状的每个对象将同时生成特定配置的左旋挠场和右旋挠场。这一事实可以通过各种类型的物理、化学和生物指示器来检测。这种挠场的表现形式被许多研究者反复观察我是韦尼克。A.I.Veinik, Yu.V.Tszyan Kanchzhen(姜堪政), A.A.Beridze-Stakhovsky, V.S.Grebennikov, I.M.Shakhparonov和许多其他在俄罗斯和其他国家的研究人员[ 25 – 31 ]。随后,乌克兰科学院物理研究所和切尔诺维茨基大学的阿基莫夫对不同几何形状物体产生的挠场进行了实验研究。

The extremely unusual properties and possibilities demonstrated by torsion field generators allowed the development of new approaches to the interpretation of various phenomena, including ESP and PK. From the late 80s till the late 90s, major experimental investigations were conducted that confirmed the theoretical predictions. It was established that torsion generators allow us not only to replicate all "phenomena" demonstrated by so called "psychics," but they also are able to demonstrate effects that were never demonstrated by any "psychic".




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