(转)Quantum Entanglement, Scalar Energy and the Truth

(转)Quantum Entanglement, Scalar Energy and the Truth

(转)Quantum Entanglement, Scalar Energy and the Truth

The left image was known as Wardenclyffe or the Tesla Tower (1901-1917) built at the turn of the 20th century as a wireless transmitter/receiver for Tesla’s scalar energy experiments.

The right image is of one of the first prototypes of a linear particle accelerator (note it is upright like a tower, later models were built horizontal like bowling alleys), circa 1937 allegedly based on particle physics and it was integral to the development of the nuclear bomb.

Today, about 26,000 very sophisticated linear and circular particle accelerators exist around the world and I am sure many of these are disguised as Gwen towers or some kind of cell phone tower—but most think they just lie like a straight road near some research facility.

The globalists had the Tesla Tower dynamited in 1917 under the ruse that the Germans were going to commandeer its use in WWI against the U.S.

The Tesla Tower was built on the north shore of Long Island, New York.

Recently, a popular alternative online news czar posted an article about quantum entanglement—stating the New Age connection between quantum physics and human spirituality—with particular reference to global consciousness and human connectedness.

He missed the point but how would he know that lies upon lies are taught in university physics courses?

It became the inspiration for this blog; however his posting the intel about the Japanese physicist and his super string theory and his understanding of how destructive the electromagnetic field-changing god wand HAARP and chem trails and ELF wave pinging involving earth’s ionopsphere in the the past few decades by the globalists creating weather warfare via geo-engineering vs. us sheeple–is right on.

Nikola Tesla was likely the greatest physics mind of our earth’s short history (maybe 8,000 years) and in his experiments in the late 1800s, he stumbled across SCALAR ENERGY which is the free energy of the universe and hence he was able to create simple WIRELESS collectors of this free energy to run any man-made machine or communications system, on earth.

The scalar energy found anywhere in the universe in one cubic centimeter is measured at INFINITY.

This discovery by Tesla was a big threat to the globalists in terms of keeping control of the sheeple by controlling the idea of free energy and making the sheeple pay big for expensive and polluting energy sources like the energy from fossil fuels.

So they made sure Tesla’s discovery went underground and their military (medical) industrial complex sites around world developed the technology and enjoy the benefits to date.

The globalists began to control the education systems around the world but especially in the free west and Europe by the end of the 1800s once schools and universities became a part of the sociology model for societies moving fast past the industrial era.

They created and planted the lie into these education systems and the minds of men—of Darwinian evolution which has no FACTS to support it and it is purely fiction.

This is how the globalists got the sheeple to believe there was NO Biblical Creator God and co-Creator Son Jesus Christ so there was NO basis for a moral code either.

Evolution is the basis of modern day atheism and the wanton immoral times we are in.

Once the globalists were in control of the education systems, they automatically gained control of the publishing houses—so they could print whatever LIES they wanted and the children would be taught the lies.

Hence history and science in the texts of our schools for the past hundred years have been severely laundered and altered.

Tesla’s work re, scalar energy was suppressed although they used his alternating current model for commercial electricity exploits.

Most electrical engineers to date do not understand electricity because they base their assumptions on Newtonian physics.

Hence they don’t really understand the concept of electromagnetism which does not fit the linear vector model.

So this is what we read in our current texts and online articles—lies and/or induced ignorance about the truth.

Particle physics apparently is NOT the real model in nature and there is no such thing as a particle at the subatomic level, like an imaginary grain of sand.

Unseen quantities as talked about in particle physics are really made of interlocked, time-reversed phase-locked waves of scalar energy.

But they allowed us some truth in quantum physics which better explains the unseen world.

The model of nature is WAVE physics as seen in scalar physics which Tesla so easily discovered so long ago.

Some think that electromagnetic fields and scalar energy fields are different concepts—when they are identical, one and the same thing but it has to be based on a 3-D WAVE model not a linear vector models and the idea of discreet particles.

A physicist from Ireland, John Mallon explains scalar energy very well on his website.


In his online video, he explains the concepts of scalar energy physics so simply that even a child can understand it.

The only thing I disagree with is that he comes to the table with a brilliant explanation about scalar energy and still assumes that evolution spawned it and not intelligent design, or a Creator God.

That’s where I differ from Mallon—who ended up supporting Eastern religion or a HINDU-based worldview—this kind of religious programming is one rabbit hole to the spiritual world but it isn’t the right pathway.

Religion is man made.

Spirituality is the source of who we are, the creative energy that makes us eternal beings.

Hebrews 11: 1-3 KJV

1Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.2For by it the elders obtained a good report.3Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

Romans 1:21 KJV

21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

The globalists fully believe in the Creator God (their enemy) for they worship God’s creation, that is their fall-angel god, Lucifer and hence their spiritual warfare road map is the word-for-word translation of the Bible—the British version is well used—known as the King James Version (KJV), 1611.

The fact to consider for you mockers who think—why is she quoting THE BIBLE to us—we are New Agers and create our own realities as we see fit without a moral code to guide us.

You are not independent thinkers—you worship only what the globalists have programmed you to worship—that is self (psychology/secular humanism) and hence this is Satanism.

So you are still religious and not a pure, Darwinian atheist.

And I am definitely not a church goer; that is where the sheeple are programmed.

The religious institutions are under control of the globalists as much as the educational systems are to date and have been for over a century here in the New World.

So back to scalar energy, or wave physics and quantum mechanics, specifically quantum entanglement.

They try to use particle physics to explain quantum entanglement and it is poor at best or utterly wrong.

What they really are trying to describe with the term quantum entanglement is that there is a connectedness between energy fields (which they call particles which is not a true concept) which is not inversely related to time or space—it is as if there is no such thing as distance or time.

Like the fact that the Creator God is omnipresence and so are His created people who are created after His own image, whether they believe in Him or not and whether they are aware of this or not,–are spiritually omnipresent.

Omnipresent is defined as present everywhere at the same time.

This is because the Creator God of the Bible is SPIRIT or an electromagnetic field and so are His created humans, they are spirit or defined forever by their unique electromagnetic field blueprint or signature.

The fleshly body is but a temporary host of the spirit of man.

It is finite; the spirit lives forever.

The Creator and His Creation (humans, beasts, rocks, trees, stars, the sun, etc.) are forever phase-locked vs. time and distance, together because the worlds were made out of that which is UNSEEN or God-sourced electromagnetic energy waves, best described currently as scalar energy.

This is considered entanglement by the evolutionists but to those who believe or who are of the faith, it is a perfect harmonics, the perfectly balanced, united electromagnetic field of many light signatures or electromagnetic field fingerprints, dancing in phase together around the GOD factor, or His superior, creative electromagnetic field, acting like a TESLA TOWER.

There is an entanglement influence but that is the yang of the ying/yang equation—the electromagnetic frequencies of disharmony,—yes, created/allowed by God but which are represented by the energy fields of the fallen angel Lucifer, his fellow fallen angels and the demons.

Mallon likened components of scalar energy to appear like a person tying a rope end to a wall hook and then the person backing away from the way and standing with the rope straight and then jerking it up and down—the energy wave travels towards the wall and then back to the person holding the free end.

That is forward and reverse—but represented by one 3-D wave—the two opposing directions are phase-locked to create one reality and one electromagnetic field.

That’s the idea of ying and yang and if they the physicists don’t understand say the yang, they call it dark matter or dark energy.

However, since I have three university science degrees and got thoroughly confused with what they actually taught me because they could only teach parts and not the whole of the true picture and truth is always very simple—there is a 3rd dimension to these up/down, forward/reverse scalar energy waves like there is in the graph with an “x” axis and a “y” axis and a “z” axis (3rd dimension).

So there is no way that scalar energy waves are bipolar yet they create HAARP microwaves with a dipolar array!


So here is my hypothesis about what is really going down with the secret use of scalar energy by the globalists vs. all of us earthlings right now.

They are using particle accelerators (the linear ones are just for show) as in upright towers right now—and these create via electromagnetic field generation an abnormal disruption of the scalar energy waves bathing the earth and our being and our brains.

This is seen in the TV series FLASH FORWARD.


The series revolves around the lives of several people as a mysterious event causes nearly everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds on October 6, 2009.

During this blackout, people see what appear to be visions of their lives on April 29, 2010, a global “flashforward” six months into the future.

FlashForward is constructed around a high concept narrative where a mysterious event has caused nearly everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for 137 seconds, during which time people see what appears to be a vision of their own life approximately six months in the future: a global “flashforward“.

A team of Los Angeles FBI agents, led by Stanford Wedeck (Vance) and spearheaded by Mark Benford (Fiennes) and his partner Demetri Noh (Cho), begin the process of determining what happened, why, and whether it will happen again.

Benford contributes a unique perspective on the investigation; in his flashforward, he saw the results of six months of investigation that he had done on the flashforward event, and he and his team use those clues to recreate the investigation.

The team investigates a number of events related to the flashforward, including “Suspect Zero”, who did not lose consciousness during the event because of a quantum entanglement device (QED), the sinister “D. Gibbons/Dyson Frost”, and a similar mass loss of consciousness in Somalia many years earlier in 1991.


In the Somalian event, the crows flying in the sky in the area near the village even lost consciousness; they had built around the village as a beta test five upright particle accelerators and when turned on, their abnormal generation of electromagnetic field energy and the meshing together like a Tesla shield over the village and which also disrupted the villagers’ personal scalar energy field bubbles and they lost consciousness.

They called this beta test QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT—and that leaves a very negative and not a positive connotation.

After I posted the blog about the 1991 movie Awakening and it was based on a true story which happened in NYC in the 1960s,—I was certain about the power of a healthy human electromagnetic field or their personal scalar energy bubble (known as the aura or spirit of man) to overcome another human being’s unhealthy electromagnetic field if they both came into close proximity with each other.

This may not follow the rules of quantum entanglement but it does in a sense if we call it something else like harmony-based harmonics.

Healthy scalar energy flowed constantly out of JESUS CHRIST’s host body when He walked this earth and anyone with any kind of sickness if they TOUCHED HIM (so  the energy would flow from him over them like a wave) were HEALED.

Hence physical healing is based on bio-physics!

This is quantum harmonics and not quantum entanglement which term reflects something like a random accident.

There is not such thing as accidental entanglement in the energetics of our universe like a sea model except when men’s souls get entangled with the devil’s negative, hostile and disease-emanating electromagnetic field—then they are held hostage there unless a true and pure scalar tidal energy wave releases them from Davy Jones’ Locker.

One Californian man online claims he built a scalar energy wave emitting machine which can heal the host body of infections no matter what the microbe involved and vitamin/mineral deficiencies and imbalanced body chakras which have to do with mental & physical well-being.


His little video window to the right on this website explains how this works.

He takes a regular photograph of say the TB microbe and then feeds it into his scalar energy healing machine and the human subject seating in the beams of this energy wave field will be cleared of tuberculosis.


The photograph emits the TB microbe’s light signature or scalar light harmonics in reverse phase lock—the machine can pick up this signature and beam it out on scalar waves that can penetrate the diseased host body and disassemble the microbe electro-magnetically, hence the biological microbe dies.

This is very good science and it shares some aspects of how homeopathy works.

They say when the spirit (electromagnetic field signature) leaves the body, the body is then DEAD.

So the animistic, superstitious natives of Africa were NOT that wrong when they told the white men who explored their continent in the 1800s and who wanted to photograph them—that they would trap their SOULS (or electromagnetic field fingerprint) inside their cameras!

How wise are the children of the earth?

Like Mallon said of his university education as an electrical engineer that he figured out later that what they taught him was far too complicated to be the truth!



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